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Farm Sitting

Who We Are

The Vincent family is a close-knit group of individuals who have been farming for most of their lives.
The Vincent family is a great example of how farming can be a family affair. They all work together to make the farm a success, and they clearly enjoy each other’s company. Farming is a demanding lifestyle, but it also offers a great sense of satisfaction. The Vincent family is living proof of that.
Here are some of the things that the Vincent family has learned about life on a farm:
Hard work is essential.
Teamwork is important.
Patience is a virtue.
The importance of family.

How We Can Help

We have a team of experienced and trained farm sitters who can handle any type of small farm, from small hobby farms in your backyard to larger homesteading operations. We can care for a variety of animals, such as cows, horses, goats, sheep, chickens, pigs, and rabbits. We can also tend to your crops, gardens, orchards, greenhouses, and more.

You can rest assured that your farm will be in good hands. We will follow your instructions and preferences to the letter, and we will treat your farm as if it were our own. We will feed, water, groom, milk, clean, harvest, and do anything else that your farm needs. We will also monitor the health and well-being of your farm and report any issues or concerns to you. We will also send you regular updates and photos of your farm while you are away.

Cost of working with us

Our rates start at $95 per day (morning and evening chores) for small farms and homesteads and range to $295 per day for larger (and more complex) operations. A $25 travel fee will be added for locations outside the 15-mile radius of our Willard NC location.
Schedule a free assessment | meet-and-greet to determine your needs and receive a quote for our services.

Next Steps

Call for a quick phone consult and receive an initial quote.
Schedule a free in-person assessment | meet-and-greet to determine your needs and we will provide a final quote.
Schedule your service – get your dates on our calendar. (requires a $50 deposit).
Pay in full prior to the first visit.
Relax and enjoy your time away!


Have any questions? We are always open to discussing your business, new projects, creative opportunities, and how we can help you.

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